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The 2018 WCLC congress report includes the latest advancements for the treatment of lung cancer, such as the use of novel PD-L1 inhibitors, real-world experience and clinical trial insights of anti-EGFR treatment, emerging standards in tumours with rare genetic drivers, as well as new data on a recent lung cancer screening project–the NELSON trial. One particular highlight of this report is an exclusive interview with Herbert Ho Fung Loong on modern agents and how they enable dramatic responses even in phase I trials.?

The memo inOncology Special Issue report is produced by Springer, as a supplement of memo (the Magazine of European Medical Oncology) and sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim with an unrestricted educational grant. For more information on the memo inOncology Special Issue series, and for free access to all previous editions, visit the memo-inOncology website.?

Access an article directly:?

? Preface?

? New data on PD-L1 inhibitor activity and determinants of outcomes in immunotherapy-treated patients?

? Emerging standards in tumours with rare genetic drivers?

? Anti-EGFR treatment: real-world experience and clinical trial insights?

? Interview: Modern agents enable dramatic responses even in phase I trials?

? Substantial reduction in lung cancer mortality using volume CT screening: the NELSON trial

? The patient perspective: assessment of quality of life and lung cancer stigma

? Multiple approaches for the treatment and prevention of CNS metastases?

? Full Report (English)?

?Download the full report (English)

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